Thursday, January 29, 2015

Paint your wagon

Painted Cadbury Wagon

The most striking thing about the Cadbury wagon is the colour. Quite how it ended up bright yellow is a mystery but that's what we've ended up with. (I know that someone disputed the colour here on Tuesday but he is a Great Western modeller and so his judgement is already suspect)
The only photo I have to work with is this one:
From this the ends appear top be the same colour as the solebars. After a little discusion, the best guess is that this colour is the same as the wording on the side - blue. Pity as I was hoping for red but never mind.
So, the solebars and end between the corner plates have recived a coat of Humbrol 25 and very bright the result looks too. I can't see the wagon lasting long in this sort of state so a dose of weathering is in order.


Mark said...

Looking at that photo I think you've painted on too much blue. I agree the end support posts appear the same colour as the sole bars (so blue) but I think the rest of the end is the same colour as the side. The reason it looks darker is that the uprights are casting a shadow.

Odds said...

Cadbury's boats were yellow and purple, quite a dark purple. It stands to reason that their PO wagons would be the same scheme rather than blue.

Phil Parker said...

Good points. Too late to do anything about it on this wagon without a repaint (see tomorrows post) but it would be easier to start with a fresh body anyway (that's also what I say when I'm in the gym).

Anonymous said...

I thought it was shadow at first glance, but then the facing edge of the end stations would be the same shade as the wagon sides, so I reckon to stay with the colour change.
It does look bright, but then it's an advert so it would be. A little toning down and u/f dirt will make it all nice.

James Finister said...

OK that is a better photo you've referenced than the version of it I have - which I suspect might actually have been edited to resolve Mark's point about the ends. I thought the canal boat livery used purple for the background, which is very different. See Chocolate on the Shroppie

On the other hand I've seen several Cadbury Cocoa adverts of around this period that had a yellow background and red lettering.