Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Bangers and bolt-on couplings

bangers and couplings

I'm planning to use this wagon on Edgeworth so it needs a set of tension lock couplings fitting. The aged Peco moulding is designed around there version of the Hornby Dublo hook with a grudging acceptance that you might prefer something a little more modern.

Not as modern as an NEM box, although when this chassis was made, NEM boxes were what Johnny Foreigner had on his evil HO stock and we didn't want that sort of thinking over here...

First attempts at fitting a Bachmann spares coupling involved lashings of superglue but the things barely held on with the wagon upright so they wouldn't do for operating.

In the end, a longish brass 10BA (I think) bolt was secured through the coupling, mounting stuff and wagon floor. With the head countersunk in the floor, I was just able to get a nut on it. This should be pretty bomb-proof now!

Detail-wise, the only change I'm making is to replace the "iron" door bangers with large lumps of "wood" to match the prototype. They look a bit like squared-off codpieces to me but that's how the real thing ran so that's what I've made.

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