Saturday, June 06, 2015

B&Q Adria garden table

Today is my sister's birthday. She's asked for a small table for the garden. I bought her this:

From B&Q, it's an Adria table (like this one but without the chairs and for £35) that arrives flat packed for assembly.
I don't mention this because I'm short of blog content, but because I was really impressed with the thing.
For a start, all the parts are powder coated to see off the weather. I'm not convinced it's the thickest coat, or best applied, but I reckon it will be good for at least a couple of years.
More impressive was the fixings. These are vac-packed to a sheet of card and include an Allen key and spanner - no other tools are required. The Allen key is made from some soft-ish alloy and won't be much use after doing this one job but at least I didn't have to go looking for one.
Once bolted together, 15 minutes lazy work, all the nuts (nylock by the way) and bolt heads are covered with plastic caps that match the colour of the table. Nice touch.
Talking of colour, you may notice the bright table top. My sister loves pink things so to personalise the table, I gave the top around 10 coats of paint.

My initial thoughts were to find some pink aerosol spray but this Ronseal paint seems to work fine. It says it's suitable for metal with a primer so assuming that the powder coat would do this job, I slapped it on.

A white primer would have sped the job up at at least 5 coats were required to cover the grey base colour. The rest were just to use the stuff up as I don't have many occasions to paint things hot pink.

Drying time was about half an hour on a warm day. Brush cleanup is with water which is very handy.

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