Friday, June 12, 2015

Steam on the MER

Steam on the MER

This week, I've been watching the Isle of Mann TT races in the evening when I probably should be model making. Regular readers will know I'm a big fan of Mona's Isle and still plan to build a model of part of it one day.

My first visit was back in 1993, during the TT practise week. The motorbikes were a lot more interesting than expected and evenings were spent watching then hurtle by at close quarters on the back roads of Douglas.

During the day, many railway events were laid on, one of which was "Steam on the Manx Electric Railway". At the time, we baulked at the ticket prices and just photographed the train. In retrospect, this was probably a bad idea as it's never been repeated.

Now, if I could find a kit for those coaches, this part of Laxey would make a nice model. In G gauge I think...


James Finister said...

...except in 95 and 98 I think? But I guess we are unlikely to see it again.

It was a great year on the IoM and I really must scan in all my photos from the visit one day. A late night trip on No1 from Douglas to Groudle was a highlight, and Fred returning the loco to Douglas.

Phil Parker said...

Not sure there was steam on the MER, but I'll admit I could be wrong. I know they took Caledonia up the mountain though.

No.1 in the evening. That sounds like a great trip. Shame that it's unlikely she'll steam again for the foresable future. Pity there are no millionaires on the island who'd like to sponsor a re-build.