Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Garden railway cottage

Unpainted cottage

My Dad is indulging in a bit of garden railway modelling at the moment. Basically, he's realised that he'll be 103 before I get around to assembling some of the kits we've bought over the years so decided to do them himself. As long as I paint them anyway.

First up is a Pendle Valley Workshop Crofters Cottage kit.

The kit is cast in the slipperiest resin ever but sticks together well with epoxy resin.


For extra strength, this thing is going live outdoors all year round after all, Isopon P38 has been squished into all the internal corners. That's probably over-engineering but never mind. Better safe than sorry.

It's only when I came to prime the model I noticed that the chimney pots are a bit too close to the roof ends. Still you don't notice these things in the garden and we'll just grow plants up the sides...

Primed cottage

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