Friday, June 19, 2015

Outdoor artistry

Outdoor painting

On a sunny morning, it's nice to find a modelling job that can be carried out on a table in the garden. Slapping some paint on the cottage is just such a job.

Using art acrylics, I started with a base coat of grey. Mixing a little white into the paint, I picked out some stones, then more white and more picking out.

After this, a wash of very thin black/brown mix to fill the mortar courses and depressions in the stones.

No fancy modelling brushes, just some cheapo bristle ones designed for kids. No fiddly fine detail work. No chemicals. No smell. Nice job.

Finished stonework

My supervisor seems more concerned that I was in the way of him kipping in the cat mint!

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Geoffrey Loosmore said...

try building an outside chimney breast on the two ends of the house, lining them up with the chimney pots