Monday, June 29, 2015

Scale Rail International - Launch Issue

Not so long ago, well known railway editor, Chris Ellis produced a magazine called Model Trains International. For those who remember his time at Scale Trains back in the 1980s, the format was very similar, the main feature being that he ignored the traditional British dislike of foreign trains and treated modelling as modelling.

This ensured a small but loyal group of readers. So loyal, that when Chris retired from publishing, over a curry, they decided to have a go in a similar vein themselves.

Scale Rail International is the result.

A5 in size and with 38 pages plus covers, the content is a eclectic as ever. Christopher Payne, well known for his fantastic atmospheric NG layouts, looks at a possible French prototype with 2 different gauges. There's more French NG, some Czechoslovakia in continental TT plus Peter Bossom doing something British in British TT.

Even when a more conventional subject appears, such as the Class 37 diesel, it's tied to a feature suggesting a suitable small layout to use it on.

For anyone interested in oddball modelling prototypes and unusual layout, this will be well worth keeping an eye on.

SRI isn't available in the high street shops (you might find it in some model shops) - contact for subscription details. Price is £21.60 for 6 issues.

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