Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Mystery Tool 5 - Solved!


Back on May, I asked you all about this mystery tool. At the time I thought it might be for bopping annoying people at the front of my layout when exhibiting.

It appears not. The man known as "the excellent Dave from boat club" has solved the problem. He e-mailed to say,

"These things are called fillet balls, I use them to create a tidy fillet in glass fibre jobs.
I make smaller one for models by super gluing a small bead onto a bamboo skewer.

Have a look at :-
http://www.fibreglassdirect.co.uk/tools-ancillaries/fillet-balls/fillet-ball-set.html "

According to the website, where you can still buy sets, these are;

Filleting balls that are ideal for placing wax, plasticine or filler to create an accurate fillet. Fillet ball radii are 6, 9,12,15,19 & 25mm

Mine are 6.2, 14.2, 15 and 20mm so either John, who made them, didn't need a 9 and 12 or they vanished in all the moving.

They are common though, Dave's father worked as a pattern maker at Rolls Royce, whereas John did the same thing for Rover.

I'll still be using them to bop annoying people though.

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