Tuesday, June 16, 2015

On the (painted) road

Cobbled road

I was loitering around the BRM office the other day when someone chucked a Kibri plastic roadway section complete with cobbled tramtrack in my direction. I think I was the last stop before the bin as part of a tidy up of random objects.

Anyway, I looked at it and though it might be fun to paint up. A couple of evenings ago, I was at a lose end and fancied noodling around with some paint. A hour later, the grey plastic had been coloured up and looked quite nice.

It's mostly Humbrol and Precision enamels. The laters new and faded tarmac don't look as brown in real life. Not sure what happened there when I took the photo, and yes I did tweak the white balance.

Anyway, now I can re-create traditional cobbled track in the road scenes with either trams or suitable railway locos. At 20cm long by 12 wide, the results are a bit limited though. I wonder if I can get some more?

Cobbled street

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