Friday, December 04, 2015

Accucraft Sea Lion

Sea Lion front

I recently read on Facebook, someone complaining that their feed was full of people on model railway groups posting the latest thing they had bought and it was getting boring. Well, today I'm doing just that.

Sea Lion Front 2

This is my latest purchase - a 7/8th scale live steam model of the Groudle Glen locomotive Sea Lion.

Sea Lion Back

I don't care if it's boring. This is far from the usual parade of Hornbachpol models you'll see elsewhere.

Sea Lion chassis

Saving for this model has taken my father and I the best part of 4 years. As soon as it was announced, I ordered one and so we had a goal to work to. Excess stuff has been sold on eBay and other odd bits of cash have gone into the account to raise the sum equivalent to nearly two Mulberry handbags (can you tell I write chick-lit?).

Sea Lion Cab

In the cab you can see all the controls. A chunk of the purchase price is taken up with the factory fitted radio control system. Manual control is an option but if you care buying something special, you might as well tick all the options. Besides, it's more fun than crawling around trying to furckle in the cab one a ground level line.

Groudle Glen Railway train

The model is lovely. Yes, it's not finescale perfect but compromises have been made because it has one advantage over your plastic chuffer - real metal and a belly full of real steam!

This model is available from Track-Shack.

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Michael Campbell said...

Wow, what a lovely model. Just a little envy here! I'm familiar with Polar Bear at Amberly and it's a lovely but tiny prototype, so a live steam model must be a real work of art.