Sunday, December 20, 2015

Buy books!


On a forum recently, someone was bemoaning the pages given over in a magazine to prototype photos. Apparently, these are a waste of space because he can get all the pictures he needs on the Internet.

This is of course, rubbish.

Yes there are a lot of photos on the web but you can't beat having access to a library full of real books. I've been building a wagon kit and needed some end detail. Was there a photo on the web?

No. But I found the information in a book that I paid 6 quid for years ago. There were some really nice shots of the brake gear too.

Books 1:Interweb Nil


Duncan Young said...

Books are like old friends and can never be replaced by the web. Half the stuff on the web has been scanned from books! Bring it on Phil!

Huw Griffiths said...

Quite a bit of this stuff has actually been scanned badly - from books or magazines - some of this scanning has even been done by the publishers.

For some reason, I quite like the printed stuff - but the web can still come in useful.

A number of photos (and other information) have never found their way into books - so, if I'm doing some research prior to building something, the additional material could prove very useful. Also, some books are out of print - and not likely to be reprinted any time soon - or not available in the UK.

The web can also come in useful if I'm trying to identify projects (or leads) which might be worth following up.

To be honest, although I've found the web useful for all these reasons (with an ongoing model railway scratchbuild project), I'd still like it if more of the information I'd encountered were to appear in print