Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Mini Phils


Well, that's Christmas sorted then. Thanks to the efforts of Modelu, I have tiny 3D versions of me.

The scanning took place back in October at the Great Electric Train show. I was dressed in hoodie and backpack, just like a proper train spotter.

Now, I have been printed. At the time I ordered a 4 & 7mm version. When Alan delivered the prints at the weekend, he included a reject version of the 7mm version. I can't remember what it wrong but I'm happy to have an extra figure.

Now, i know of a 4ft wide 3D printer. If we used the data file on this, the result would be 2.4 metres high - slightly larger than real life. If I get them working now, I reckon everyone I know can have a statue of me in their front garden by boxing day!


neil whitehead said...

I'll forget the Christmas tree and have you standing in the corner, festooned in fairy lights and tinsel.

stephen said...

Was it painful balancing on those spikes?

Huw Griffiths said...

Ho! Ho! Ho!

Anonymous said...

BBC announces new adversary for Dr Who - Invasion of the Philli!!!!!