Sunday, December 27, 2015

The spoils of Christmas

Got my plane ready?
Those who know me, appreciate that I like a funny Christmas present. No expensive parcels for me, give me something silly, preferably in pieces for me to build after lunch.

So, among all the chocolates, books and handkerchiefs, I find a set of Guinness World Record model aeroplane kits. According to the box, if I build these and practise enough, I could get my name in the record books for both flight duration and accuracy.

Mind you, I've built the first plane and no matter which nose weight I fit, it flies about as well as a breezeblock but no-one said record breaking was easy!

Another gift was a set of "rip-off Lego" minifigures. You can tell they are "compatibles" rather than the real thing as the plastic is bit rubbery and light. Rather disconcertingly, a couple of them appear to be wearing minimal clothes too. I'm thinking they will be appearing as assistants in a few future posts, but only the clothed ones!

An upgrade to the usual crackers at lunchtime saw me score a more useful than average gift.

Craker screwdrivers

Some little screwdrivers. Amazingly it IS possible to find jewelers screwdrivers cheaper than the £1.99 packs on sale at your average market!

While I know these will be of rubbish quality, the handles will break the moment you try to undo a screw with them, as poking tools, they will be fine. And I have the fun knowing they came out of a cracker. I wonder if we spent a bit more money I'd get a resistance soldering outfit?

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