Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Warehouse Wednesday: Canals again and a dry dock


When I visited Barby Model Rail last week, I couldn't resist taking a few photos of the canal side buildings. Click on the pictures for a larger image over on Flickr.

I'm not convinced that these buildings were warehouses, the one nearest the camera claims to be the Blacksmith's shop, as the place has been gentrified a bit. Is that derrick in the right place for example?

Canal Workshop
Whatever, they are certainly worth a look. The building above could fit in to many different scenes and would make a cracking ready-to-plant model. 

The dry dock particularly interested me as I don't recall seeing one on a canal before. Boats seem to be hauled out of the water for work rather than taking the water away, but then I suppose cranes are cheaper than dry docks.

Drydocked boat aft deck

Drydocked boat fore deck

These should help anyone wondering what narrow boats look like below the waterline.

Talking of water, the dam used to keep the dock dry was worth a look too.

Canal dam

An aerial view is available on Google.


davee52uk said...

There is a dry dock alongside the locks at Long Itchington.

Phil Parker said...

That makes sense, there is a boat yard there. I've not seen it because I approach Long Itch from the dinner (Yum) and beer festival direction, not the canal. Will have to take a proper look sometime.

James Finister said...

There is also a very well known one in Stourport. Often these days you don't notice them because they under a poly tunnel

Odds said...

That's a proper dry dock. You can tell by the muck on the bottom. And the staunch planks.
Some dry docks are drained by literally puling a big wooden plug out (Charity Dock, Bedworth), some are pumped. In fact there are many dry docks on the canals. It's rivers where they're rare.
Oddly, I've just done a model of one of those S.M.Hudson boats. Delivered yesterday!

Phil Parker said...

Is that the boat on your blog? I thought it looked familiar - and superb.