Thursday, December 31, 2015

Barclay Boiler part 2

Boiler Part 2

This thing is looking a lot like an upturned animal with it's stumpy feet in the air!

The "feet" are sandboxes on supports. Fiddly to assemble, there are cut-outs in the bottom of each part that I don't think should be there as the sand would leak out. Worse, they weaken the soldered joints.

Much of the detail has been attached with solder paste and a RSU. I like using the resistance tool and should do more with it. The paste is less fun as the leftover, on this uncleaned model, is dark grey and not a pretty silver.

Lost wax details are a nice touch but they really need to be polished in some way after fitting. I have a small sandblaster that I'll use on this to see if I can clean the solder and cast brass surfaces.


davee52uk said...

Thank you for another year's worth of blogs. Doing something every day is quite a feat; I don't know any other blogger that does it.

I have enjoyed your daily posts and it has made me restart modelling.

Happy New Year.

David Evans

Iain Robinson said...

Happy New Year, Phil. Your blog is my standard go-to for breakfast reading, much more interesting than the Guardian! Hope you have a good 2016, all the best, Iain