Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Warehouse Wednesday: Demolishing Ford Foundry


Another Not a Warehouse this week but digging around my collection, I thought this deserved an airing.

Heading north from Leamington station, the view from the window was either enhanced or ruined, depending on your opinion, by Ford Foundry. This ugly industrial plant seemed oddly out of place so close to the town centre. The feeling got worse as the area around it filled with posh housing estates.

Eventually the plant was declared uneconomic and closed down, the workforce largely being moved to other sites within the company. This meant the demolisher's could move in and tear the place down. It's not a Morrisons store and brownfield site no-one seems to want to buy.

It's worth clicking on the image above as I've put it on Flickr full size (click through to the site and then click on the image again to magnify it. That way you can appreciate the complexity of the building innards. As a modelling prospect, forget it. Far too fiddly. But it would look great if done properly...

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