Saturday, December 12, 2015

Tool p*rn

For various MREmag related reasons, I find myself in possession of a Micro-Mark tool catalogue from the US of A.

I've perused the website a few times but there is something about seeing a the amazing selection on tools in a paper catalogue that is special. And horribly tempting to a tool freak like me.

On every page there is something that I would find useful, or at least interesting. Looking closely, many of the items are available in the UK and quite a lot of them are in my possession already, but there are some funky clamps in page 41 for a start.

Trouble is that while the prices are good, postage from the USA costs a million billion pounds. That and some of the chemicals can't be shipped out of the country anyway.

I've often thought that if I ever win the lottery, I'm going to pick up a catalogue, ring the number and order one of everything. It might well be this one.

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Paul B. said...

Just had a look at the link, best not to spend too much time on that site! Too many tempting goodies!!
Fohrmann's site is worth looking at as well (there's an English language option), postage from Germany seems to be a bit more affordable.