Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Warehouse Wednesday: Leamington canalside workshop

Leamington Workshop

A few weeks ago, I took a walk around the north end of Leamington Spa looking at old workshops that might make useful models filling in odd corners of a layout. Now, I've been in the south of the town to find this little scene trapped between a Co-op car park and the canal.

Leamington Workshop 2

The site is triangular, crammed into the space available. Next door is another angular site, this time full of garages.

Leamington Workshop 3

I'm assuming from all the doors that this really was a warehouse of some sort. It's a tiny building though and could probably be modelled to scale. It reminds me quite a lot of one of Iain Robinson's drawings from Railway Modeller years ago - that sort of atmosphere with "stuff" that has grown up over time.

You can see the site on Google Streetview.


Huw Griffiths said...

Was that 2 storey building (in the second photo) a granary at some time in the past?

I'm probably wrong on that one - but the upstairs doorway makes me wonder if there might have been an expectation of something on the lower floor being piled up so high that there might have been a need to enter or leave at a higher level.

Ladders (or other access) could easily have been removed over the years - or not even fixed in the first place.

Iain Robinson said...

Thank you very much, Phil :-) I was fascinated with this one when I saw it on your Flickr stream...a site full of interest. It seems to have survived against all odds and is wonderfully ad-hoc. It's not a stable, I don't think...but a granary would have been larger, although that is a good idea. Might have been a cartshed or a store for something that didn't take up too much room. Do you know any more about it, Phil?

Phil Parker said...

Sorry, this is all I know. The building is well-preserved and still in use but as far as I know, it's always just been there.

I'll try a little more digging and if I find anything, will let you know.