Friday, July 05, 2019

Ash Products Double Decker Bus kit

This is how kits used to be. Proper modelling.

All the parts are made from wood. I assume the sides are die-cut as the opening are very neat. That's quite an investment in tooling. You need high-quality plywood too, none of the rubbish balsa found in Keil-Kraft kits.

Seats and details are also made of wood. Again, I have to wonder at the effort the kitmaker has gone to producing these, even though they are fairly crude.

The instruction sheet is massive and includes a plan. I wonder how many of these models were ever made up. Personally, this is in the "to do" kit pile as I don't think it is that rare and while the model won't match the latest diecast or plastic models, but it has a charm of its own.

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James Finister said...

I remember reading about this style of construction for road vehicles in old books of the Beal/Ahern generation.

I do wonder if it is time for a new generation of card/wood kits. We have seen it to some degree with small scale buildings.