Monday, July 08, 2019

Short driveline

The ark needs a short driveline. From the back of the motor to the tip of the propeller is 18cm.

You can't buy a prop shaft that short - 6cm long - so I used a piper cutter to trim it. One of the plastic bearings was eased out of the end and then pummeled back into the new short length, not an easy job as these things are fitted tightly.

The shaft had to be cut down too. Tricky as while one end is threaded for the prop, the other isn't and I didn't have a coupling connector suitable for a plain shaft. Oddly, my 4BA die wasn't a good fit on the thread, I'm sure it should be, and I couldn't find a holder even if I wanted to use it.

In the end, I opened out a threaded connector with a cutting broach until the shaft could be friction fitted with a bit of percussive persuasion.

It all seems to work, I just need to fit the lot in the boat.  

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