Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Warehouse Wednesday: Silos with corrugations


This is a warehouse - for storing grain on a farm. Modern, zinc-coated corrugated streel and still looking pretty clean, they wouldn't be too hard build using South Eastern Finecast vac-formed corrugated plastic sheets. You might get away with Slaters, but when you turn them into a tube, they might be a bit small. 

I'm not sure when these first appeared - I know the Americans have used silos for years and they are a common feature in the backgrounds to railways. 

Behind the silos is a cracking building, full of character. 

asbestos building

More corrugations, but in asbestos this time which I guess makes this a 1960s or early 70s building. Those creepers gorwing up the gaps between sheets are a very common feature on this sort of structure and a modellers freind as you can cover up gaps in the modelling with them. Not that I've ever done such a thing you understand...

Great selection of colours here with creams, greys, browns and ochres on the rough surface of the sides. I wonder what the green tower is for?


Les said...

Rix or Pikestuff make the corrugated metal silos you pictured in your blog in HO & N gauge varieties.

Also you can buy extra pieces to vary the height.

GeoffinOz said...

They call them Grain Bins on that site, incase people look for Grain Silos.