Saturday, March 20, 2010

3mm scale Y6 tram

Tram loco

If you are looking at this on an average monitor then the photo is showing up larger than life size. Despite this I'm pretty please with this little model.

The brown body is a mix of earth colour base followed by a good wash of track colour to emphasise the plank lines and simulate the dirt that gathers there. A little dry bushing with dark grey highlights the lumps in the black areas. Finally the windows are glazed with Krystal Klear - not easy for the side windows as you have to smooth it over the surface rather than build up a skin in a hole in the normal way.

On the track the model is a bit flighty but controllable. Although it has been weighted, more is required to keep it on the track. The flanges on the supplied 14.2 wheels are very fine. The closeness of the skirts to the rail is unforgiving of trackwork that isn't level too.

Worse still, I have absolutely no use for this locomotive. I built a Scottish branch line and have something suitable for Yarmouth docks or the Wisbeech and Upwell line. Never mind, I've always had a soft spot for these and if you can't build what you like then it's not much of a hobby is it ?

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CF said...

Weren't there a couple of street-running lines in Glasgow? (There was an article in Bylines a few years back) LNER/BR transfer to cover out-of-use loco?? Anything is posible.