Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lots of etched stuff in Hornby Magazine

There's a lot of naked metal on show in the April issue of Hornby Magazine. My column this month covers the basics of etched kits - not by building one this time but just a list with photos of the various features you should look for. I've also covered some of the first questions people ask such as "How do I get the bits out of the fret ?"

The photos look particularly good. The main shot is of the Mercian Hudswell Clarke and I reckon is reproduced about 4 or 5 times life size ! All the others have come out well too. Whoever did the design has spent some time cutting things out from backgrounds.

If you are counting, 5 different kits are shown in parts. One of these, a MARC models ballast plough, features in the Staff Projects section in an unfinished state. This is an interesting kit for which I had a test etch. After comments a revised sheet of metal will be coming my way and should appear in the magazine in due course.

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