Monday, March 15, 2010

Y6 Tram

Y6 kit...or Toby as you may wish to refer to it.

This was the quickest 3mm scale loco kit I've ever built. The etched brass bits are a Finney & Smith kit which is in turn a 7mm scale Connoisseur kit shrunk down by the magic of photo reduction. Although the kit comes with a chassis, my plans involved trying out one of the Bullant bogies sold by 3SMR since I don't really enjoy chassis building. Anyway, I wanted to try out one of these new fangled units to see how good they were for myself and since you can buy them ready to go in my gauge of 14.2mm, this seemed like a good opportunity.

Even the cost isn't prohibitive - RTR you pay about 60 quid. Buy a set of wheels, motor and quality gearbox and you only save around a fiver yet still have to make the whole assemblage work.

Anyway, the kit purchase wasn't planned, it was pure impulse when I walked up to the second hand stall at the Kingsbury event and heard the etched metal calling to me...

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