Tuesday, March 23, 2010

First sail of the season

2 sailboatsSunday at the poolside was bright and clear. There was a little breeze, enough to make the yachts work well but not enough to drop the temperature. It's days like this that make me wonder why more people don't like sailing model boats.

I mean, I spent a happy couple of hours in the countryside enjoying the banter between a few mates who just enjoy making and sailing scale watercraft. If the rest of the boating season goes like this we'll be well happy.

Of course to the hardy types this sounds like playing with toys. After all we could be out on a real lake in full sized boats taking on the elements in a primeval battle.

To them I point out that at no point did we have to get wet. Our craft all fitted in the back of the car rather than a trailer. None of us felt the need to wear a rubber suit or bouyancy aid. Drying the hull was easily achieved with a single sheet of kitchen towel. And we were all back home for lunch.

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