Friday, March 19, 2010

Chassis complete

Y6 Painted chassisAs you can see, the motor did fit into the chassis. OK, so the gearbox is visible but some black paint soom sorts that out. At least the gleaming flywheels is well inside the body because as a moving item it would have been obvious. Perhaps I should have offest the unit to move the gearbox back a bit. The wheels wouldn't have been in the right places but would this matter ?

Sadly what is visible is the transfer sheet between the letters. This is the downside of using waterslide transfers, especially old ones, on matt paint. Maybe if I'd sprayed the black bits in gloss and then matt varnished the results wouldn't be so obvious. Or if I'd stopped rushing and being stingy and order some newer decals instead.

To be fair, in real life this isn't so glaring but it's still anoying. Not anoying to make me go back and fix it mind you. I'm kidding myself that I've replicated the effect of the crew cleaning the words and nothing else on the locomotive. Well it sort of looks like that !

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