Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hellingly Station

Hellingly Station

With Google Streetview now covering 95% of the UK, it has suddenly become fashionable to post pictures of interesting things you can see thanks to the wonders of technology. Or at least it was about 2 weeks ago.

Since, I've been too busy working to do much actual model making recently, and never one to be in fashion, here's my effort - Hellingly Station.

The building is very well preserved and exists as a rather nice private house. When I was last there, there weren't even any major alterations to what is quite an attractive building. Were the Cuckoo line to be re-instated, there is at least one station that could be recommissioned easily enough.

The Hospital line ran off to the left from almost exactly the middle of the photo. It curved away sharply before heading into the hospital grounds.

See the image in Streetview.

Sadly, the hospital itself isn't covered as the roads are mostly private and thus denied to the Google mobile. Shame really as when the pictures were taken the building was mostly intact but are now largely rubble.

My Hellingly Hospital Railway layout.

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