Saturday, March 06, 2010


LegsOn Thursday we had a nice dose of coincidence - just as we were due to sit down and have the traditional exhibition postmortem - three members of the Abingdon club turned up to collect our barriers for this weekends exhibition.

Many years ago, several members (including me) of the club met up in a members double garage with quite a lot of plywood and planed pine and started building some barriers. They come as separate legs and various lengths of cross pieces, and at the time were an absolute bargain. For the cost of one hire fee for the cattle barriers previously used, we built our own. They have now done over 10 years and apart from the odd repair have survived well. The stock has been added to over the years as our show has grown.

In addition we've rented them out a few times to bring in extra income, which is how a dozen of us ended up in a chain passing lumps of wood from the warm inside of the clubroom to the cold outside where the Abingdon trailer was parked. Teamwork is the key and we soon had enough to fill the trailer and hopefully enough for show.

And if your show needs barriers and you can collect, get in touch via the website:

Oh, and the postmortem meeting went very well. Lots of comments and suggestions, some of the helpful !

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