Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chassis kit, wagon loads and cassettes in Hornby Magazine

We're pushing the envelope a bit in the latest issue of Hornby Mag.

While many people would consider building an etched kit well beyond them, the editor has allowed me to have a go at explaining the basics using a Craftsman 0-4-4 as the basis. We've done etched kits before of course, there's an 02 diesel in the Parker's Guide bookazine, but a steam engine is another step on, especially one with a (possible) problematic wheel arrangement.

1P chassis

It's quite a nice kit and this is actually the third time I've built it. While not an obvious choice, you can't buy one RTR. There's not horrid waggly bits on the outside either. Best of all, the kit, while old fashioned in many areas, is a good solid model which uses tabs and slots for much of the part alignment. OK, so the finished model won't be as perfect as the latest RTR, but the missing bits won't be noticed on the layout. The satisfaction of running your own engine will more than make up for this.

Elsewhere, I'm making wagon loads up using various methods. To help the readers, Geoscenics have produced some kits for this exclusively for Hornby Magazine. I've used these and 4 other techniques to fill wagons and they all work well. Even if you don't use the supports from the kit, the coal, iron ore and stone toppings are excellent. Good value too as one kit will do a train - well a normal length one, when your Garratt turns up. you might need to buy two for all those wagons!

Iron Ore Wagon

Clayhanger Yard gains a fiddle yard and also appears in public for the first time. For an O gauge layout, I didn't fancy sliding or spinning yards. Buying points would be too expensive and result in a yard as long as the layout. Therefore, we've gone for cassettes. Simple to build and very effective, I'm pleased with the results in use on the model.

Clayhanger Fiddleyard

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