Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Starting the Y6 shed

Y6 Body

Well, it is a bit shed like isn't it?

To be honest there's very little to say about this stage of construction. The ends make up with rebates to accept the sides, solving the old "Do the sides overlap the ends or vise versa?" question. All I had to do was tack solder everything together and once happy, run more solder into the joints to make it all secure.

There aren't guides to aid locating the body on the footplate but this isn't much of a problem. I worked by eye so am probably a fraction of a mm out. Not enough to lose sleep over.

There is a lot of brass at this point so the final joins between body and footplate needed the heat of a gas torch rather than just the soldering iron. I probably could have got away with it but the torch is faster and I still enjoy blowing hot solder along a join.


Matthew scrutton said...

My 7 1/4 version has a all timber body, probably the most prototypical model I have made!

Iain Robinson said...

I wonder if the real thing had a steel framework behind the wood? It's coming along very well, you make it seem very simple- which I know it isn't!

Phil Parker said...

Iain - I think the body was pure timber. The main posts are pretty substanital and it's not load bearing, just something to keep the rain off. Just like the one Mat built.

As for making it look easy. Hmmm. Watch this space...

matt scrutton said...

According to my Wisbech book, all timber was how it was done. At overhaul the chassis would go to the loco works and the body to the carriage repair works, such was the modularity of it.