Monday, March 18, 2013

I don't care WHAT the instructions say, I'm doing it this way...

Modded Footplate

Since I want the body top to separate from the skirts, I've modified the upper footplate by hacking a great big hole in the middle of it.

To be fair, "hacking" is probably wrong. I carefully measured the hole to be made, cut around the edges with an Olfa Plasticard cutter and then used my piercing saw to help access these marks and open the metal out to them.

Then I tack soldered the footplate in place, drilled a couple of holes and fitted 8BA nuts and bolts. Now I can build the body on this and remove it with a little screwdriver work. The chassis can stay attached to the skirts.

All I need to do is unsolder the tacks and get on with the sides.

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