Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Sideframe overlays

Brunished skirtsPutting the Y6 tram skirts together was to ber a nice quick job. In the end, it took best part of two hours, although I was half watching the film Unstoppable as I worked. The US train shots were interesting even if the plot is bit rubbish.

Anyway, as I watched American trains derail, I started to  attach the half-etched overlays to the full-etched skirts.

My method was to slosh loads of flux around and then try to run some solder into the edges of the laminations. This sort of worked but I found the 45W iron wasn't really cutting the mustard but a small gas torch provided enough heat.

After this the burnishing started. A good, hard, rubbing with a fibreglass stick and pen cleaned away the excess solder. The result looks pretty good although it was a lot of work. Much more work than getting the RSU out and using that which I was just too lazy to do.

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