Sunday, March 10, 2013

Model Boats news and Wavemaster Testing

Aprils issue of Model Boats Magazine hoves into view and the news found in the Test Bench section is mostly provided by my trip to the London Toyfair in January.

I found quite a few nautical items and most of them made the pages of the magazine. Considering the conditions I took the photos in, they have turned out pretty well. Now all I have to do is persuade the makers to let me have the odd review sample!

Elsewhere, the Wavemaster build carries on apace. The mechanical gubbins has been installed and tested. We've taken it down to the lake for a quick test and all seems OK. Well, except that rudder and motor operated in reverse but we can fix that. That and if you don't put the screw in the servo arm, it falls off while the boat is in the middle of the lake...

Most importantly though, after a sail, there wasn't a drop of water in the boat. Looks like the Ezicote stuff works well.

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