Wednesday, March 13, 2013

When you join the Gauge O Guild...

You receive a joining pack. A great, big, thick envelope. Inside, the new member finds:

  • Welcome to O Gauge - A guide to starting in the scale
  • The latest GOG Gazette - A glossy A4 sized publication
  • GOG rules
  • GOG Video Library catalogue - Over 100 DVDs produced by the GOG that members can hire
  • Guild News
  • A list of area groups
  • Details of the GOG website
  • GOG events leaflet
  • Guild sales catalogue - Sweatshirts, mugs, aprons and publications
Total weight - 700g

In addition, I picked up a temporary membership card and an extra journal backnumber.

All this for £24

I know the temptation for many when they see a scale society offering membership at an exhibition is to take the leaflet, smile politely and then lose the paperwork. They do this even if the intention is to join.

It's difficult to compete with the lure of having some goodies to take away from the event and the promise of some interesting post in the future often loses out to the immediate gratification of taking away some packets of goodies.

This way, the new member has a physical manifestation of the results of thier spending. A heavy rucksack is a reminder that you have something for your money - better still, there is the promise of good things to come.

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Iain Robinson said... used that word: "rucksack" . I guess this is one society I should join, too...there's certainly plenty of bangs for your buck...including a set of rules...hmm intriguing :-)