Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Rivet punching (again)

Y6 TramSo there I am, standing by the Connoisseur Kits stand at Kettering show and the guy behind it says to his mate, "He says you've made your dimples too large."

It seems I have readers in many places!

Anyway, it was explained to me that had I bothered to read the instructions and not just look at the pictures, I'd have realised that this kit was built for people with far more limited tool kits than mine. Or at least, an audience beyond those daft enough to splash out the thick end of a hundred quid on a metal bomping tool.

The correct method involves a blunt scriber or nail bushed through from the back with the metal face down on some lead. Just like I used to do before I bought the "correct" tool.

It works too. My tool was a blunt screw rather than a nail and I used to gently tap it with a small hammer but many of my engines have rivets embossed this way. Total cost for tools - Nill assuming you have a hammer (what modeller doesn't) and and old nail/screw probably retrieved from a tin in the garage.

Lesson over, I did have the chance to take a good look at the finished model in the stand. It really looks the part and there is something about getting your hands on one that can't easily be replaced with photos. You can ask the nice, friendly people behind the stand for advice too - a good reason to visit model railway shows I think.

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