Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Roof Rolling

Rolling Roof

I've got the proper tool, so this time I'm going to use it. Having spent all that money years ago on a nice set of GW Models rolling bars, it seems that the tram loco roof should make use of them.

If I'm honest, they aren't the easiest tool to use - no fault of the tool itself which is fantastic, it's just that I only sort of get how they should work. As I understand it, the top roller is slackened off, the metal inserted between them and then the roller is tightened again. You roll the metal back and forth to impart a bend. Then the top roller is screwed down further, the metal rolled again for a sharper bend. This process continues until you have a tube if that's what you want.

Fitted RoofI managed to over-bend the roof but placing it on a flat surface and gently pushing down on it reduced the curvature until it fitted the body. Then it was tack soldered in place before the seam joints were finished with the gas torch. A touch of cleaning up and the job is done.

And yes you could just bend the thing around a beer can. It's just not as "proper" as wot I did. OK?

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lnrmodels said...

Absolutely excellent work Phil - it's a really great looking model so far