Thursday, February 19, 2015

Doncaster casualties 2 - Beer Festival

Broken Beer Festival

This is what a model beer festival looks like when 18 stone of modeller stands on top of it while trying to pack away in a hurry at the end of a show. Not too bad - certainly better than the loco servicing area scene in the current BRM which ended its days in a racecourse bin being on top of the box containing the festival.

Not being a happy bunny, I chucked this in the back of the van and left it a few days before taking a look in the box.

On top of the building, the stone crosses are both missing. Neither was properly attached and they have been falling off since I built the thing.

Worse, the chimney punched through the top of the box when my foot landed and then decided to snap away from the resin structure.

Finally, the animated beer drinkers popped out of the ground.

I'd originally expected to strip this for parts. In fact I was almost looking forward to this as I have a project lined up that could make use of a lot of the scenery. The space in my storage would be appreciated too.

However, some superglue repaired to the chimney invisibly. The drinkers popped back in the hole and edges were hidden with a little flock. The crosses are long gone so I'll tidy up the roof ends and ignore them. I was getting sick of sticking the things back on anyway.

The moral: Try not o pack up in a hurry and if you keep stepping over something while working, move it out of the way because you will step on it eventually.

Beer festival


Huw Griffiths said...

No wish to cause any embarrassment - but did you take any photos of the repairs in progress?

The reason I'm asking is that I'm sure lots of people must have models that have sustained similar damage (either at home or "on the road") - and, at some time in the future, how to do "running repairs" like these could form the core of an interesting magazine article.

Only a thought - please feel free to discount it!

Phil Parker said...

Nothing to photograph - the break was clean so I just glued it back and you caan only see a crack if you look VERY closely.