Saturday, February 21, 2015

Doncaster casualties 3 - Me!

The Monday after Doncaster, I was feeling a bit rough but didn't think much of it. The layouts were put back in to store, the van returned to the hire company and I went home as normal.

An hour later, I'd developed a bad cough and by the evening, I couldn't stop sweating and shaking.

The next morning was a little better - the shakes had gone - apart from a hacking cough and a chest that felt full of phloem.

Basically, dear reader, I had caught northern disease.

Buy did I get it bad. With deadlines to hit, i worked in fits and starts. Everything got done, but only just and in twice the time it should have taken.

2 weeks on, the cough has nearly gone thanks to me drinking several bottles of jollop. I sound a bit croaky still, but I feel reasonably normal.

Now, I don't want this to happen again - next time I exhibit I'll be wearing some protection. In addition, visitors will have to be bagged to keep their germs (and smells) to themselves. It's the future...

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Anonymous said...

No such thing as northern disease must be the SSJ syndrome!
Just not use to the real world of proper snow, wind, rain and cold.