Friday, February 27, 2015

HST rear cab

HST Back cabWhile digging for yesterdays photo, I found another fascinating shot. I manged to blag a walk through the prototype HST power car under the care of the Project Miller team. I've always been fascinated by prototype railway items and so when offered, was up the steps like a rat up a drainpipe.

After a quick sit in the front cab, I was led through the engine compartment where some amazing restoration work has been taking place. I'm in awe of anyone who takes on a project like this.

At the back end, there is a driving cab.

Now this isn't unheard of - the pointy nose Class 91 electrics have a cab at the back so they can operate as normal locomotives but I didn't realise this was the case with the prototype HST.

As it happens, this is good news for the preserved machine. Being able to operate as a conventional loco without needing turning around at each end of the line is a blessing and probably means it can earn it's keep.

HST Back cab interior

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