Saturday, February 07, 2015

Stafford 2015

Stafford show last weekend. I'm still stupid busy, so here are some highlights.

Best item on the second hand stall that I didn't buy:

GWR Train Set

A Lima GWR train set. Fantastic detail, although I'm struggling to identify the prototypes for the loco and coaches!

Cake review:

Tea and cake

Bought from the cafe opposite the venue as I waited for the queue to be dealt with. Excellent coffee and chocolate. Much warmer in there than standing outside too.

Best layouts:

Too many to mention. The selection was excellent and I know I was chatting too much to see them all properly. Mind you, the crowds were deep this year so it wasn't always easy to get a proper look.

Have a look at my photos on Flickr and make your own mind up.


Matt Dawson said...

I believe for the Lima set the locomotive is their American 0-4-0 and their coaches are of an Italian design.

Odds said...

What coffee? that's hot milk!

Paul B. said...

A good show. Stafford is one of the 'must do' exhibitions in my calender, always a decent selection of layouts and good trade as well, and by that I mean more than just box-shifters and overpriced secondhand tat.
My highlight was meeting Rod Allcock, we spent a fair amount of time talking about loco building, and admiring his superb OO9 Corris layout.

Phil Parker said...

Matt - Are you suggesting that this ISN'T a perfect miniature of a GWR loco? Shame on you :-)