Sunday, February 15, 2015

Strap me to the 50 shades bandwagon

The film version of the mucky novel "50 Shades of Grey" is in the cinemas as we speak. I mention that because you lot are all far too highbrow/not weird to go and see it. However, there will be a lot of web searching going on and cynically, I might as well get a bit of that action.

It's also a chance to re-show the best piece of advertising Humbrol ever did. Someone was really smart when they produced this.

Anyway, everyone else is busy trying to get a bit of the action. The emergency services are expecting a rush of calls from people too stupid to own a toolkit and be able to use it. B&Q indulged in some blatant PR by telling it's stores to stock up on gaffer tape which all the mainstream media fell for including one Guardian columnist who decreed that "normal rope would cause chafing so specially adapted soft rope just might be preferable. Sorry, B&Q." showing an ignorance of the many types of rope available from a hardware store but more importantly proving that bondage fans and model railway fans share one thing in common.

They prefer to buy a product market specifically for the purpose rather than the same thing in greater quantities for less money elsewhere.

Still, who cares? I'm told it's a terrible book and being a paperback, presumably is little use for flagellation. You want a copy of Model Rail for that. (Well, you might break the DVD if you tried BRM and then you wouldn't be able to see my films)

Nicky Nacky Noo


Duncan Young said...

It's a highly overrated book and as for 50 shades, there's only one shade of grey, that of the RN. Joking apart there's good content on the Humbrol board. And regarding shades, have you considered the pre grouping companies internal variations of 'house' colour schemes eg The Caledonian Railway St Rollox blue v Perth blue and the GWR had similar differences between Swindon and Wolverhampton. Food for thought....

Phil Parker said...

Humbrol 63, 66 and 67, that's all the grey I need. Does "3 shades of grey" say something about me?

James Finister said...


One word: Crabfat

Grey is a tough colour to get right, especially on wagons, because the colour temperature of lighting make an enormous difference