Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Home grown sheds part 1

Today and tomorrows posts have been inspired by a couple of things. First, I am stupidly busy with other projects so can't report on great strides being made on my own modelling projects. 

The second is that the view above no longer exists, except on Google Street view. 

For many years, the shed shown above has stood in the garden of a house I pass walking to the Post Office. It's always amused me, being very home made from a variety of materials, none of which are very straight or flat. It's almost like a big resin cast model that someone has rounded off all the corners on.

The roof obviously has, or had, many layers of felt applied. I'm not sure the same material wasn't banged on to some of the walls and then painted green too. It's a tribute to the era when people made stuff from scrap materials. Why buy a shed when you can make one yourself from wood? 

Maybe a "professional" designer would have used somewhat different proportions (that door looks small in that wall) but the shed obviously gave sterling service for many, many years. In model form, I'm not sure anyone would believe it.

Sadly, it's been cleared away. There wasn't a long period of decline - one day it was there and the next it wasn't. You can only see it here now.

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