Saturday, February 28, 2015

Flood damage

With all the layouts and model boats and magazine projects I've acquired over the years, storage space at home has long since been exhausted. The solution my father and I decided on 8 years ago was to rent a storage unit at a nearby facility.

The units are ISO shipping containers - secure, accessible when we needed to get in, and thanks to roof insulation, dry.

Until yesterday. A couple of weeks ago, we'd noticed a wet box on the top of one set of shelves. This was put down to condensation. There are a couple of condensation traps in the container and we empty them out half a dozen times a year.

This time though, we had a 1/12 Wavney hull half full of water. Below it, there were lots of wet boxes. Annoyingly, this is the corner where I store past, and future projects. Quite a lot of these were very wet. Feeling around on the top of the container, there was a puddle of water in the corrugations. We have a hole.

Fortunately, the Handyman Hall railway had a damp box top but was otherwise OK. Half an hour in the sun dried it out. Barnstorff wasn't so lucky and has somewhat sodden scenery. I'm going to try to dry this out but it may be handy that it's done all the shows it needs to.

Elsewhere, there are lots of stock boxes that are more papier-mâché than cardboard. At the moment I'm seeing what I can dry out. Hopefully the contents are still OK.

On Monday, the landlord is sending someone over with a welder to sort out the hole...

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Anonymous said...

Thats a terrible shame. Hope nothing unreplaceable was destroyed.