Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Where are the wheels?


David asks: I want to make a series of scratchbuilt 00 Baldwin 2-6-0's. I can manage everything except the wheels. These will be static models. Should I convert a Dalpol kit or buy wheels elsewhere?

I'm assuming that it's the standard gauge Midland Baldwin locos you are building. If narrow gauge then the answer is somewhat different.

Two wheel suppliers spring to mind. The first is Markits ( who produce what we refer to as "Romford" wheels. Metal spoked and very easy to use, they are my preferred choice for kit built locos even though they can lack a little finesse and aren't cheap at around £9 an axle.

Probably more use for you is the Alan Gibson range ( which is huge, varied and the plastic centred wheels exhibit much finer spokes. The downside is that the circular hole in the centre requires the modeller to quarter the wheels for running. They also fall apart if exposed to certain types of Loctite so superglue is a better fixative.

Obviously there are other suppliers out there but these are the biggest and most easy to purchase from. Certainly easier than trying to modify some Airfix wheels!


davee52uk said...

Thanks. I want to build some Baldwin locos for an eventual layout set 1968 Cuba. Baldwin locos are still used for sugar cane trains.

Phil Parker said...

The Baldwins in Cuba will be narrow gauge. Is your plan to build models with 16.5mm track gauge (OO) or 4mm:1ft models running on narrow track?

matt scrutton said...

Just get some Bachmann on30 moguls and bash them

Phil Parker said...

The Bachmann mougul route would be good too. Picked up second hand or direct from the USA, they aren't much more expensive than a good set of wheels.