Thursday, February 12, 2015

P Class, dioramas, stirring paint and Modellers Mecca in BRM

I've had a busy time recently with lots of projects for BRM, some of which you can see in the latest edition.

We all need to mix paint at some point and I've been testing various tools to make this easier and more effective. One of these is an electric whizzy thing which I initially dismissed as a bit of a gimmick but now keep beside the spray booth.

In a break from my normal type of article, I headed over to Modellers Mecca for a look behind the scenes. In these days when everyone seems to be bemoaning model shops closing all around (while they buy their big ticket items from the Internet. Grrr) it's great to see a shop where things are on the up and they are doing well selling kits and bits rather than red or blue boxes - handy as getting hold of the former isn't easy as both I and our "Industry Insider" comment on...

Wartime P Class

Construction pieces cover building a P Class tank from a Wills kit. Nice little model which has been largely assembled with superglue.

Water Tower diorama

Taking a subs offer water tower and coaling stage set, I've built a small loco servicing area. This would fit perfectly in to an industrial scene.

Cutting diorama

Finally there's a cutting diorama in O gauge using some new Woodland Scenics cliff face sheet.

On the DVD, I'm whitemetal soldering, talking you through the cliff diorama and showing the "Shaper Sheet" and demonstrating some ballasting products from Deluxe Materials.

More on the March issue of BRM on RMweb.

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