Saturday, April 18, 2015

An unexpectedly difficult livery

009 van

I've a 009 Society RNAD van on the workbench for review. Having built the kit, I thought it wold be nice to paint and weather it for final photos. The pictures in the instructions show a simple livery of grey woodwork with black ironwork.


The grey is easy. Quick squirt of primer does the job. The metalwork though - it's so fine. My first efforts with a brush were horribly wobbly. The only hope of getting a reasonable result was to use a bow pen, bumping over the moulded bolt heads. Even then, as you can see, it's still far from perfect. Hopefully, a wash of dirt will improve matters.

And another handy hint. Use paint not primer for the grey. That way you can touch it up afterwards with a brush.

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mog said...

Here's a thought.. (NO idea if this would work!) .. When painting some WW2 war-games figures, someone suggested a base coat of the webbing colour, then filling in the uniform around it. It actually worked really well, and saved a lot of fiddly painting of tiny straps etc. I wonder if that could work here? i.e. Spray it black, then fill in the woodwork grey afterwards?