Thursday, April 23, 2015

Seaton station for the scrapyard

Driving towards Harrington Viaduct, I rounded a a corner and though, "Blimey, that's an old railway station.", so on the way back I tried to get a better look.
Sadly, there was nowhere to stop on the country lanes so I couldn't investigate further. Back at home though, a quick look at Wikipedia showed me that what I'd found was Seaton station. Closed in 1966, the buildings and footbridge amazingly still exist.
Now, the site is owned by the Seaton Salvage and Recycling centre so it's become a scrapyard!
As a prototype, it has a lot going for it. The site is compact and out in the countryside, which should make modelling easy. Alternatively, model it as a scrapyard for a fascinating diorama.
Even research should be simple. I'm sure if you call ahead, visiting the site won't be too difficult. Don't try hopping over the fence though, scrapyard dogs have a fearsome reputation!
You can visit the site on Google Streetview or look at the overhead view in which the viaduct looks spectacular.


Nick Brad said...

I keep looking and i'm not sure if it's just the picture or not, but the platforms look a little too close together, so I'm wondering if some reconstruction has taken place.

An excellent find and that bridge looks to be interesting enough to warrant a model, albeit once I've built up the skills to tackle such a project.

Catch 22 said...

want to film a scene there but don't know who to contact