Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Harringworth Viaduct

Harringworth Viaduct

A trip in to the BRM offices usually take me a couple of hours. This time however, one of the main roads on the way was being dug up leading to a half-hour long scenic diversion. Along the way though, there were sights to behold, so on the way back I took even longer but spent time with my camera snapping them.

The highlight has to be Harrington Viaduct. 82 arches long, covering three quarters of a mile, it's longest masonry viaduct across a valley in Britain.

Harrington viaduct panorama

Standing underneath it, the thing is amazing. Arches stretch out into the distance. From a mile away you can appreciate the length but it's from underneath you can appreciate the scale best. At it's highest, the track is 60ft from the valley floor.

Harringworth Viaduct span 
Not really a practical modelling project, although ModelRail featured a fantastic long stone viaduct recently so it can be done, this ought to be a popular focus for railway enthusiasts but it's a bit remote for many I suppose. However, if you fancy the trip, there are other interesting sights in the area, as I'll show tomorrow.

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