Friday, April 24, 2015

Vintage houses

1930s house
On my way to the subjects of the last two days posts, I passed through the village of Ketton. One of the highlights of this was that I finally saw the cement works that I normally only spy from a distance on a main road.
Beside the entrance are a row of houses that look to me like they date from the 1930s. All are boarded up, presumably for demolition, but I quite liked the look of them.

1930s houses

Sadly, this is all I know. Not a lot, especially as the date is a guess that hopefully someone can confirm or comments. I'm thinking that they would make terrific models, possibly even as card kits.

You can see the houses in happier time on Google Streetview.

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Bill Dawson said...

They look like pre-fabs to me, maybe immediately post WWII. I've seen many like it on RAF camps when I was younger in the 60s.