Saturday, April 04, 2015

Modelling a VW badge

Weathered SplitLes asks:  I am currently building a 1:43 scale model kit of a Volkswagen series 2 microbus for a friend, for his birthday.

I need the large chrome VW badge for the front of the vehicle. After extensive searching I have come up empty.

Do you know where I can obtain one?

I'm assuming there isn't a badge in the kit and that there isn't another kit available you could pinch the badge from.

My suggestion would be to cut the badge from some stiff metal foil. I've some from the Bare Metal Foil Company bought at the model shop in Northampton (You can get it from Little Cars) which would work. Cutting the thing would be fiddly but as it's a circle with straight lines inside, not impossible.


Paul B. said...

Another option could be to have one etched in nickel silver, Narrow Planet (usual disclaimer) should be able to etch one if supplied with a drawing, they do custom nameplates etc.
Or if its a tatty van being modelled maybe just a faint mark on the paint where the badge has been removed/nicked?

Phil Parker said...

A custom etch might be pricey. Not something NP could put in the normal range either as VW's lawyers are VERY hot on this sort of thing.

Love the idea of a "shadow" of a badge though. Perhaps not right for Les's project but it sounds like fun to do. Hmmm.

Anonymous said...

Maybe plasticcard coated with thin foil?